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Pain in the Disc only to be blamed?

Often termed as the 'problem of evolution', low backache is something literally all of us experience sometime in our lives.  It can range from a severe disabling intense pain to just chronic nagging kind of pain which we usually overlook.

Let's try to understand it at basic level. Our spine is a complex anatomical structure with number of vertebrae (blocks of bone) joined by fibro-cartilagenous discs and supported by ligaments & muscles. Our ancestors were quadrupeds (walking on all four limbs) and we evolved to become bipeds. This probably took toll on our spine.

Now, as we all perform our routine activities we don't notice the strain we put on our spine. We tend to develop habitual movements (rather than full range), which disturbs the delicate balance of muscles. We might injure few ligaments or tear some muscle fibres also during routine activities. This straining and tearing leads to irritation, pain and spasm. Recent data reveals that most of the backaches are due to this postural component and may NOT be due to the slip of intervertebral  disc. 

Now what do we do to avoid it????? This is the most important part of our discussion, it is recommended that:

  • Posture should be back friendly: Head straight, shoulders back, chest out and pelvis centred.
  • Avoid sitting in similar posture for long, keep changing it or do stretching every now & then.
  • Do spine strengthening exercises given in healthy moves section.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights and forward bending suddenly.
  • Do not take OTC drugs for pain, it gives symptomatic relief but the cause is not addressed.
  • If problem persists or increases (like tingling, numbness or radiation to legs), do see the specialist.

With this information, I hope we get our Back to work :) 

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