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Fractures.....Do's & Dont's.

Fracture is the word which comes to our minds as we think of Orthopaedic Surgeons. And this is the word most of us are wary about.....So many patients come to me after injury just to confirm that there is no fracture, even if they are otherwise comfortable. Well coming across this entity day in and day out i am sure i don't carry the same apprehension for it as a non Orthopaedic person  might have. So, let' discuss what we are supposed to do if we come across a person who unfortunately sustains a bony injury OR if we ourselves encounter it sometime.

This information is intended to be applied after the life saving protocols have been followed, Check for the ABCD ie. Airway, Breathing, Circulation & Disability of ATLS protocol and then proceed to the fracture care. Initiate CPR if person is unresponsive.

Don't forget to call the ambulance ( dialing 108 or any local number your area might have) while you are initiating these steps.

1. The first response should be to immobilise the part concerned. We can use anything stiff readily available, right from a thick cardboard to an umbrella can be used to tie the limb down which prevents movements of adjacent joints.

2. Try to elevate the part concerned, if possible, but avoid moving the person un-necessorily.

3. If there is a wound associated with the fractured bone, don't panic, just put a pressure bandage over the wound to stop bleeding.

4. You can attempt to clean the wound if it looks contaminated & dirty with any running water source available, if there is no medical facility nearby.

5.Repeat the ABCD steps of Life Support after you have taken care of the fracture.

Hope none of us gets into a situation to use these, but nonetheless we should be prepared to minimise the harms if we at all encounter it........

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